Switching jobs means time off. I spent three-weeks moving, and traveling around on different day trips! Robyn and I checked out some different breweries, went climbing at Mt. Monadnock, and spent time with friends and family. BECKA


Snow Reporting

If you don’t have a snow LIVE shot in Buffalo were you even a reporter???? As reporters, we of course still have to work while everyone else gets a snow day. My first blizzard coverage was actually really fun! The winds were ferocious, the snow was constant for 2 days and it was -37 degrees […]


abroad adventures

Spring 2017 I spent four months traveling around Europe with my college best friends. We went to 10 countries, 20 cities. Our home base was Madrid, Spain where I lived with a house mom who only spoke spanish. It was one of the best expierences of my life and I’m so thankful I spent all […]