Hey, I’m Becka Thornburg! I’m a 20-something-year old storyteller sharing my experiences and insights. I’m Loud & Proud. I consider myself a one-woman-band when it comes to creating content. I’m a multimedia creator. I’m curious about everything, creative and have passion for people. Through pictures, videos, & words… I want to tell great stories. WHAT’S […]

Meet my Twin!

TWINS! “Being a twin is like having a built-in best friend” -Robyn Thornburg Born on March 17th, Rebecca & Robyn were born feternal twins. I came out first and two minutes later Robyn was born. I loved growing up with someone always by my side for everything. We are the same person but complete opposites […]

Working from home as a reporter

Quarantine Routine How does a reporter work from home?? Working from home as a TV News Reporter. WHAT???? Starting March 22nd I was working from home. It was exciting at first to try and figure out how it would and trying to figure out a routine. I learned quickly it was not as much fun […]