when you’re 25

You’re lost, confused, frustrated, scared, anxious, impatient, uncertain, unfulfilled, annoyed, determined, lazy, adventurous, excited, carefree, spontaneous, energetic, hungry & drunk.  There’s no way else to describe it. One minute you feel like you have no idea what you want to do in life, the next; you’re working on starting your own business. One minute you […]

you are a brand

You need to start thinking of yourself as a brand. It’s 2021 and everything is moving online…now it’s time for you to do it too. Take your personality, work examples, your interests and share your story with people who want to listen! So how do you take your story and bring it to life online?  Using […]


Hey, I’m Becka Thornburg! I’m a 20-something-year old storyteller sharing my experiences and insights. I’m Loud & Proud. I consider myself a one-woman-band when it comes to creating content. I’m a multimedia creator. I’m curious about everything, creative and have passion for people. Through pictures, videos, & words… I want to tell great stories. WHAT’S […]