Hey, I’m Becka Thornburg!

I’m a 20-something-year old storyteller sharing my experiences and insights.

I’m Loud & Proud.

I consider myself a one-woman-band when it comes to creating content. I’m a multimedia creator.

I’m curious about everything, creative and have passion for people.

Through pictures, videos, & words…

I want to tell great stories.


Born and raised a masshole. Growning up in a small town with loving parents and a twin sister by my side.

I would come home from school every day and watch Oprah with my Mom. I launched “The Rebecca Show” around 10 years old and had so much fun creating segments and filiming in my backyard with my sister. Sundays were dedicated to watching football with Dad. We are a big TV family. One day my Dad said “You could be that girl on TV” and from then on it was my dream to be a TV reporter.

I went to Syracuse University majoring in Broadcast & Digital Journalism with minors in Business Management and Political Science. Half way through my college career I realized I had another passion for the business side of media. Getting a few interships at advertising agencies and in PR departments, I found that learning about the creative is also very interesting. Senior year, I let fake take the reins. I applied to all sorts of jobs in advertising, production, PR, and news.

​Two more hours down the NY interstate, fate led me to Buffalo, N.Y. I started my career as a multimedia journalist for a local news station, WKBW-TV. I was a dayside reporter covering all sorts of stories across Western New York. A one-woman-band, I learned how to write stories, interview people, capture great video, edit it all together to make deadline. It was invigorating, fun, and something very different everyday. Then my alarm clock was set to 2:30am everyday and I became an enterprise reporter for the morning show. This was a position I was really able to experiment with the way I told stories. I tried to be as creative and different as possible. I am proud of the work I did and so thankful for my experience. Buffalo is NOT just wings and snow!

2020 hit and everything changed. I needed to pivot, and refocus and get back home with my family. I decided to move behind-the-scenes and work in the marketing and promotion side of TV. I joined the Boston 25 News team as a creative services producer. Working on promotional videos for TV and social. It’s a whole different world, but I love the challenge.

That’s me!

Follow along!

Let’s have some fun.


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