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Buffalo’s Wingfest Chicken wings are my favorite food! Chicken wings have always been my favorite food. It was destiny for me to live in Buffalo. I am a wing connoiseur now. I’ve been to all the best places in Buffalo. The BEST Buffalo Wings in Buffalo: Nine Eleven Tavern in South Buffalo. The BEST Wings […]


Meatball Street Brawl

Meatball Street Brawl Another weekend, another opportunity to be a judge at a food festival. It’s one of the perks of working in local news. I love it!! This was the Meatball Street Brawl where 21 restaurants went head-to-head to see who has the best meatball in Buffalo, N.Y. I probably ate about 16 meatballs […]



Thank you. Tom Brady I love you. Thank you for giving me the greatest childhood. Thank you.  Today (March 17th, 2020) I turned 24-years-old. Today, Tom Brady is not the QB for the Patriots. Today the country is going through a Coronavirus Pandemic that has shut down almost everything. I wish we were playing two […]


Exploring NY

Take Advantage of your time!  I’m spending my free time traveling & having FUN. During the weekday we are so stuck in a routine. Wake up Work Babysitting Gym Bed. There’s really no time for myself. That’s why I am determined to enjoy my time during the weekends. Spend it going different places, and meeting […]


Snow Reporting

If you don’t have a snow LIVE shot in Buffalo were you even a reporter???? As reporters, we of course still have to work while everyone else gets a snow day. My first blizzard coverage was actually really fun! The winds were ferocious, the snow was constant for 2 days and it was -37 degrees […]