Thank you.

Tom Brady I love you. Thank you for giving me the greatest childhood.

Thank you. 

Today (March 17th, 2020) I turned 24-years-old.

Today, Tom Brady is not the QB for the Patriots.

Today the country is going through a Coronavirus Pandemic that has shut down almost everything.

I wish we were playing two lies and one truth. The world is such a crazy place right now. People are dying from COVID-19  and it is spreading rapidly. THAT is what I should be most upset about, but my favorite sports figure, role model, and the man who gave me so much sports happiness is no longer a New England Patriot.

When I first heard it on the radio I was in the news car coming back from a story. Nicholas Picholas, a DJ for Kiss 98.5, announced it and I was literally pulling into the station driveway. I immedietly started crying, parked the car and FaceTimed my dad.

SO much emotion. I think from all the anxiety from this week (it kinda felt good to cry) I just started bawling. I don’t think people realize how much Tom Brady means to me. Winning the first Super Bowl when I was 5-years-old, I’ve literally only knew sports greatness because of him.

In 20 years he has given me six Super Bowls. I watched every game with my Dad on the couch. Our family loves him. One day watching those football games, my Dad and I were talking about “what do you want to be when you grow up”. He said “why don’t you be that girl on TV”. From then on I had the dream of becoming a sports reporter.

No matter the situation, you always knew he was going to win us the game. The 6th round 199th pick in the 2000 Draft became the GOAT. Tom Brady taught me you can do anything you set your mind to. The Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl down 28-3 at half-time, watching at 5am while I’m studying abroad in Madrid– he kept his cool and won us that game. Tom Brady can lead a team through any situation.

He has given me so much happiness and I should be happy he is getting the money he finally deserves. Could the Patriots do more? YES. But he’s 43-years-old and I wish he just rode off into the sunset after they beat the Rams in 2018. Tom Brady has taught me to follow your heart even when people are telling you to quit.

I am devastated to see him go. He is still the GOAT. He has given New England more than we could have ever hoped and dreamed for. I just didn’t want it to end like this… on a pick-6.

I’ve gone from sad, to mad, to “is this really happening”, to… thank you.

Tom Brady… I can never thank you enough. I think that’s really all I can be right now, thankful for what I was given and look forward to the future.

My thoughts on his future– please just retire and do not play for another team. You are a Patriot for life and just let that be. The Patriots will always be MY HOMETEAM my heart and soul and I am excited to see the next quarterback. But I will say, I am way more excited for Josh Allen and the Bills. They will be serious contenders for the AFC. I live in Buffalo, Josh Allen and I both had our rookie seasons in Buffalo. The Patriots are my team but Josh Allen may be my new quarterback.

All in all, it was a terrible birthday.

Coronavirus is spreading and killing people all over the world.

All events, sports, travel, fun has been cancelled.

Tom Brady is not a Patriot.
I think I will just go to bed now and hope that the rest of my year is so much better than this.

Also I’ll probably just celebrate on July 17th instead.


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